5 houseplants that you can't kill

We all have someone in our lives that wants to get into houseplants, but claims they “kill everything they touch.” Fortunately, the problem most likely isn’t actually them. There are plenty of plants that even the most inexperienced plant parent can take care of and help thrive - here are 5 of our picks that would make the perfect gift for your favorite “plant killer”. 

Snake Plants (Sansevieria)

Snake plants are notorious for being practically indestructible. They come in many different varieties and sizes, so everyone is sure to find at least one they love. When it comes to care, snake plants prefer medium to bright indirect light, but they are tolerant of low light areas as well. They want the soil to completely dry in between waterings as well - they are drought tolerant plants. 

Because of the minimal light and watering needs, snake plants are perfect for anyone trying to build up their plant collection. 

ZZ Plants

ZZ plants are another special gift option that can still thrive in the hands of someone that tends to forget about their plants. When kept long enough, ZZ plants can get quite large and dense, and there is another variety of ZZ plant called a Raven ZZ that has black leaves (pictured on the left) instead of green (pictured on the right). 

ZZ plants will want the same love as a Snake plant - medium to bright indirect light, but tolerant of low light; allow the soil to dry up in between waterings.


For a much different look than the first two options, Dracaena are a popular plant option when it comes to easy care houseplants. Dracaena come in an even larger variety and you can find them from 2” in diameter to 12”+ and over 6’ tall. There are Dracaena with thin, pointed, leaves, as you can see in this photo, and some that have wider and softer leaves. For someone that likes a plant with a bit of character, a Dracaena would be a great gift.

The best way to care for a Dracaena is to provide it with medium indirect to bright dappled or direct light. Water your Dracaena when the top 2” of soil is dry.

String of Hearts 

String of Hearts is a great gift for anyone who prefers hanging or trailing plants. They have a unique design,and come in a variety of different shades. The heart shaped leaves are just the icing on the cake. They can grow to be anywhere from 3-9 ft long. Allow for sufficient growing room. 

To care for a String of Hearts, give them bright indirect light - avoiding direct sun. You will want to water your String of Hearts when the top 2” of soil feels nearly dry, or when you start to see the first signs of wilt.


Peperomias have one of the most distinctive looks of all the plants on this list. Once again, they come in an extremely wide variety. There are some Peperomias that tend to grow long and tall, while others trail and are best as hanging plants. They are all going to require the same care, however.

Taking care of a Peperomia is going to be similar to taking care of a String of Hearts - bright indirect light - avoiding direct sun, and watering when the top 2” of soil feels nearly dry or at first sign of wilt. A Peperomia would be the perfect easy care gift for someone that might have a small plant collection already growing. The photo above shows, a Peperomia as Kokedama. Peperomias make exceptional Kokedamas because of the hearty root system. 

There are many easy care plants out there, and truly anyone can be a “plant person” if they just find the plant that is right for them. If you are trying to think of what to get a plant lover for any occasion, any of the plants on this list would be a amazing place to start.

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