Air Plant Watering Techniques and Care

What's not to love about Air Plants? They are so versatile! You can place them in all parts of your the home and office space. They can be displayed in a mount, suspended in the air, placed in a mini pot or any area you think they will thrive. As long as Air Plants have bright indirect lighting they are usually perfectly happy. I wouldn't place them on a windowsill unless the light that is coming in to the room is filtered in some way. The great thing about Air Plants is that they are so easy to take care of and are usually less temper-mental then some of your typical houseplants. Here are a couple of photo examples of how they can be displayed.

Air Plant Care:

Step 1: Submerge in Filtered Water. Once a week for 1-2 hours.

Step 2: Remove from water and shake air plant to remove excess water droplets from the plant.

Step 3: Place plants upside down and allow to completely dry, overnight. This allows any of the excess water to drop from the body of the plant. 

Step 4: Showcase them in a mini pot, container, mount, suspended in the air or just by themselves. 

If you have air plants displayed in a mount the watering care is the same, for steps 1-4. The cork can be submerged and will dry out overnight. 

Tip: It’s important to remove all of the excess water. If you do not then it could lead to rot in the root of the plant.

FUN FACT: Air Plants actually bloom. They can be in bloom for several weeks to months. They can also, grow babies that will slowly grow. As they baby grows the mother plant will slowly wither. 

Don't have Air Plants yet? We have plenty to choose from at any of our three locations. If you have any questions about care, for a specific Air Plant. Please as one of our friendly staff. We will be happy to help.