Useful tools to help your houseplants thrive

Vining Plant Wall Clips

These nifty little plant wall clips are safe for painted walls and can stick to other surfaces safely too, such as shelves. They come with an adhesive backing that adheres to the surface. You are able to manipulate the prongs to wrap around the vine of the plant. We suggest that you place clips about ever 6-12" to ensure that the plant will be supported correctly and to avoid breakage.

Sticky Traps

No one likes flying gnats and flies, with spring and summer coming these guys will be out, and looking for new plant prospects. These sticky traps are eco friendly and pesticide free. Easy to use, just peel both sides of the traps and insert securely into the soil of the plant you are trying to save from gnats. 

Moisture Meter

If you’re new to the plant game and want to ensure that you are not over or under watering your plant babies, this Moisture Meter is a great tool to have around the house. Oftentimes, it's hard to tell if the bottom soil is completely dry or moist. This meter comes with an easy to read meter and instructions on how to use, and a guide on what zones are ideal for your plants health! 

Twist Ties

These 3 ft twist ties are a plant's life line when it comes to drooping or sagging. Use the ties wherever plants are needing a shoulder to lean on from other thriving plant limbs. To ensure that you are providing accurate stabilization for the wounded limb.

1. First, cut the twist tie to size first, roughly measure how much you will need and cut the tie. Take both limbs and place them together in close supportive proximity.

2. Wrap the tie around both limbs and loosely intertwine the tie.

3.Monitor closely for the next several weeks to ensure that the injured limb is gaining new strength!

Pruning Shears

We all have those plants with a little bit of a darker shade. If you’re looking to remove these spots because they are unsightly or causing harm to your plants. Using pruning shears will help get rid of the darker areas on the tips of plants or trimming dead leaves. The steps are easy, simply cut, and stand in awe of your new beautifully revived plant.