Feed your plants with Flourish

Picture this scenario(and this might apply to you already); you just bought your 35th plant. It’s a Black Velvet Alocasia. You place it neatly in between your Silver Satin Pothos and your Strawberry Begonia on that floating shelf you bought at the thrift store for $5. Everything seems perfect yet something is missing. You feel as though you are not giving your plants the optimal care, but can’t figure out what that lacking piece is. You start pacing around the room. It dawns on you as you give a piece of doggy biscuit to your four legged friend, plants need treats too. Fertilizer. Plants need fertilizer. Lucky for you, Fern Plant Shop has its own concoction of plant food goodness, Flourish! 

So what is fertilizer? What is it used for? By definition, fertilizer is a natural or artificial chemical substance that is used to improve growth and the productiveness of plants. Basically, fertilizer is like a protein shake for plants. It helps them grow big, strong, and healthy. Plants can naturally just grow on their own with the proper care of adequate sunlight, water, and love. If you really want to boost their potential, adding fertilizer is definitely beneficial in that regard. The soil in their pot can only provide so much, and even you have to change that eventually, but that’s another topic on its own. There are many options and brands of fertilizer, but we are going to focus on Fern Plant Shop’s plant food potion called, “Flourish”. 

Flourish, is a fertilizer made locally here in Spokane at Fern Plant Shop. A blend of natural minerals and organic extracts such as fishmeal, kelp, guano, plus the essential macro and micro nutrients your plants need namely NPK 3-2-4. What does this all mean you’re wondering? In short, your plants will be able to receive an ample amount of nutrients. Flourish was made in a way that you can apply it to your watering in any interval. Meaning you can apply it based on your regular weekly watering schedule or once a month or biweekly. The choice is yours. Optimal use of any fertilizer though is Spring/Summer season, but can still be applied to your plants regardless of the season. The recommended amount to use is 8ml per gallon of water, but can be varied. Just got to do some light measuring and conversion to fit your watering tool capacity. Flourish also comes with an air plant mister variation! So for all you air plant lovers, you also have an option to fertilize yours as well. 

Now let’s go back to the scenario I mentioned in the beginning. You now have the missing piece to your perfect home plant care setup. Flourish will not only help achieve optimal growth, but also keep your plants healthy. Treat your plant friends to some wonderful nutrients with Flourish.