Mist or not to Mist!

filling up your mister

It’s best to use filtered water if it is available. If you do not have filtered water available. Let the water sit in the mister for about 24 hours prior to misting. This will help the chlorine evaporate from the water over time. Utilizing distilled water if it is available to you could be beneficial as well. Using filtered or distilled water, you avoid water build up and spots on leaves. 

when should I mist? 

Add misting to your morning ritual! Can be your Grab a cup of coffee and mist away! This can be an ideal time to relax and start your morning. With warmer days on the horizon, there may be times when you find yourself needing to mist more often because the level of humidity is low. Morning and night misting during the warmer months is perfectly fine. 

How do you know your plants need misting instead of watering? 

If some of your plants have yellowing or brown leaves, curling, or brown edges and you have not been over watering. This might be a sign to add in misting. The yellowing & browning could be a sign that they need a little more humidity in their life! 


benefits of misting

Plant Cooling 
Soil Hydration 
Plant Hydration (Humidity) 

Plants that do well with misting 

Aloe Vera 
Spider Plants 

Plants that don't do well with misting 

African Violet 
Fiddle Leaf Fig 

can you over mist? 

Too much of anything is not always a good thing. We think that it is appropriate to mist in doses of 1-2 times per week depending on the plant's temperament and environment. Over-misting plants can attract pests. Make sure to spray the undersides of leaves, lightly. Spraying the undersides of the leaves you are able to mimic a tropical environment. 

Misting both sides of the leaf ensures that the plant will be able to absorb the moisture applied more efficiently. 

plant placement 

If you have one of the plants mentioned above, think about placement and if you can relocate them to a spot where they might be able to retain more of the water from misting and watering. If they are next to a drafty door or window. It might be a good idea to move them to a spot where they might be able to retain more water. Placing plants of similar temperament together for misting is always a good idea! 

Drop by one of our three locations for questions on misting! We have a wide selection of misters to choose from. Happy misting!