how to style mounted plants in your home

If you have every nook and cranny in your home filled with plants and have utilized all window space for hanging plants. That’s probably a sign that you are plant obsessed. Not to worry, I have good news. There are mounted pieces of art that you can make/purchase so all plant dreams can continue to come true! Living Plant Art! No, I’m not kidding, this is possible.

At Fern Plant Shop we offer workshops where you can make your own hanging living work of art! Our class schedule varies depending on the week. Weekend classes book up fast, so make sure to sign up in advance. In our mounted plant workshop, we will walk you step by step through creating our own mounted plant. We will also educate you on what plants are good for mounting and give you a care guide to take home.

Our workshops include: cork bark, mounting hardware, moss and care instructions for two mounted plants!

If workshops are not your thing, great news! We have them pre-made in all locations for purchase. Mounted plants make great gifts for any plant lover.

Mounted Plants truly are a work of art. Placing them in your home could sometimes be difficult because you want to make sure they are getting sufficient light and are not tucked in the corner of your room above that pile of dirty clothes. Ensuring they are placed in an aesthetically pleasing place is one thing you want to be mindful of. Here are a couple of ideas.

1. The bathroom is a perfect place for mounting a plant, oftentimes bathrooms have small windows that can give off just enough light to keep the plant thriving. Also, the extra moisture from the shower from time to time couldn't hurt.

2. Near an entrance or exit to your home. Bringing the outside indoors, is often what draws us plant lovers to them in the first place. Placing a mounted plant near an entrance or an exit will make a warm and friendly transition from the outdoors. Creating a cluster of mounted plants together is conceptually pleasing.

3. Adjacent to a window. Mounting a plant next to any other existing hanging window foliage would make your window plant jungle continue to grow!

4. Hanging next to other photos of family & friends or other decor. If you have a place on your wall that you are looking to bring some life and texture, a mounted plant would be a great addition.

5. Depending on the time of year, if you have a space outside where you can provide the appropriate lighting and environmental conditions. Mounted plants can be outside! Hanging them on fences as decor or on outdoor walls would be an amazing addition to your outdoor space.

6. If you don't have any interest in mounting it anywhere and have a shelf that would be sufficient. Propping it up against a wall or another object may be a cool way to display a mounted plant.

Please join us during one of our workshops to create your own Mounted Plant. Or drop by one of our three locations and take a peek at what we have in stock. Feel free to ask questions, when you are in the shop and we can help you with some additional ideas for Mounting Plants in your home.